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  • To: mathgroup
  • Subject: Archives
  • From: stevec (Steve Christensen)
  • Date: Tue, 7 Mar 89 13:00:32 CST

First:  I will be moving to new offices on March 8 and so
my machines will be down for a time.  If you send mail to me or
mathgroup, your message may get reflected back if there is a
problem getting my machines back on the network here.  Please
try again the next day if you have a problem.

I have placed several files in the MathGroup archives on
the ( machine.  These are
available via anonymous ftp.  [Some of you - especially in
Europe - have problems getting to this machine using its name,
try ftp instead.]

In the Symbolic/Mathematica/MathGroup_Mail_Archive will be a file called
MathGroupMail1 which will contain messages like this one, that is,
messages that go out to the mailing list.  I will continuously
add to this file until it contains about 50 messages, then I will
start MathGroupMail2, and so forth.

In the Symbolic/Mathematica/Sci.Math.Symbolic directory, I have placed files
called Archive1 and Archive2 which currently contain those Mathematica related
messages from the sci.math.symbolic newsgroup on the net and our
local uiuc.mathematica notesfiles.  Archive1 contains messages in
a digest form that appear from September 1988 to early February 1989.
Archive2 contains a second digest for February.  This is a service
for those of you who do not have access to sci.math.symbolic.

In Symbolic/Mathematica/Packages are two .m files, one .h file and
a pointer to the Cocklear package from Apple.

There are now over 300 email addresses on the MathGroup list, some of
which are mailboxes for whole insitutions like UC-Berkeley.  I am
in contact with some of the Mathematica vendor representatives and am
adding them to the list.  I hope to have every vendor have representatives
on the list so that they can be constantly aware of what is going on
in the Mathematica world.  We have a fair number of Mathematica experts
on the list. 

If you are doing significant work with Mathematica and would be willing
to talk about your application in your region of the world, please let
me an the mailing list know.  There is a demand for speakers for
local user groups, university departments and industrial research labs.

Finally, the usual reminder - The value of a user group and mailing list
comes from an active participation.  Please do not hesitate to send mail
on your applications, experiences, bugs, packages, etc. often.

Please pass this on to other Mathematica users who may not be on the
list yet.

Steve Christensen
steve at
14008 at ncsavmsa.bitnet
mathgroup at

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