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Mathematica and Matrices (From sci.math.symbolic)

  • To: mathgroup
  • Subject: Mathematica and Matrices (From sci.math.symbolic)
  • From: stevec (Steve Christensen)
  • Date: Mon, 20 Mar 89 13:49:01 CST

gmk                        Mathematica and matrices        9:25 pm  Mar 16, 1989(at                                    (From News system)

I have a Mathematica question.  I did the following:

In[1]:= y x . b - E[x . b]

Out[1]:= -E     + yx.b

In[2]:= D[%,b]
Out[2]:= -(E    (0.b + x.1)) + y(0.b + x.1)

Of course, this answer is right, but I would prefer if Mathematica 
knew that 0.b=0 and x.1=1, so that the above equation would be 
written as follows:
     -x E    + yx

Does anyone know how to get Mathematica to do this?

Thanks in advance
Gary King

: Gary King, Department of Government, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA  02138
             ,  BITnet: gmk at harvunxw,  Phone: 617-495-2027

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