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Mathematica bugs

  • To: mathgroup
  • Subject: Mathematica bugs
  • From: knutm at
  • Date: Mon, 20 Mar 89 14:55:40 CST

There is a simple bug in the Chebychev polynomial function
which I imagine others have also found.
Mathematica (version 1.1 on a Mac II) will tell you that the first degree
Chebychev polynomial of the first kind is the constant zero, i.e.,

ChebychevT[1,x] = 0

if I remember the syntax correctly.
This bug has already been reported to Wolfram Research.

A much more serious bug that I found was in the integer factorization routine
FactorInteger. According to Shawn Sheridan who is Manager of Technical Support
this bug has now been fixed in Wolfram Research's development version
and the fix will be included in the next release.

Below is an extract of the message I received from Dr. Sheridan
(dated March 18)

>Thank you for your bug report on Mathematica v1.1.  As you can see below, 
>the large integer bug has been fixed in our development version.  You 
>should be receiving this version in the spring.

>SunMathematica (sun3.fpa) 1.2-development (March 7, 1989) [With pre-loaded data]
>by S. Wolfram, D. Grayson, R. Maeder, H. Cejtin,
>   S. Omohundro, D. Ballman and J. Keiper
>with I. Rivin and D. Withoff
>Copyright 1988 Wolfram Research Inc.
>-- Terminal graphics initialized --

>In[1]:= 536903681 107367629

>Out[1]= 57646075230342349

>In[2]:= PrimeQ[%]

>Out[2]= False

>In[3]:= FactorInteger[%1]

>Out[3]= {{107367629, 1}, {536903681, 1}}

In version 1.1, Mathematica claims that the product of the two integers
is prime.

Knut Morken
Institute of Informatics
University of Oslo
(knutm at

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