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Printing Mathematica Graphics on Laserwriter NT from sun3/50 sun3/60

  We have Mathematica version 1.2 running on SUN3/50 and SUN3/60
under SUN OS 3.5. I have tried generating a simple graphics using
which works fine. When I try to Print it using
the green light begins to wink on the laserprinter but after
a time the light becomes steady and nothiong is printed.
How does one print graphics on a laserwriter NT.
  I also want to be able to capture the graphics and
include it in a \special in a LaTeX document. We have dvi2ps
running and I am able to dump the screen and use psraster to
generate a postscript file which can then be included as
a \special, but it would be better to be able to use the
postscript generated by mathematica directly because of the
higher resolution. Please respond either to mathgroup or to

               coleman at uregina2.bitnet

         Thank you
         Robert Coleman

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