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MathGroup Archive 1991

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Simplify[] problem

  • To: mathgroup at
  • Subject: Simplify[] problem
  • From: Markus.Lautenbacher at
  • Date: Tue, 19 Feb 91 09:45:56 +0100

Keith R. Slavin writes:

> When asked to Simplify[] this expression:
> (E^((k + -I*w)*x)*(k + m + -I*w))/
>  (2*(-E^((k + -I*w)*(-1/2 + x))/2 + E^((k + -I*w)*(1/2 + x))/2))
> Mathematica does NOTHING with it (not even canceling out the 2's in the
> denominator)! The terms with x should cancel altogether, and indeed they do
> if I replace (k - I w)  with  a single variable, or remove the 'm' from the
> expression, or several other minor changes...

I did

In[1]:= expr = <Expression given above>

Out[1]= ...

In[2]:= Simplify[ ExpandAll[epxr] ]

          (k + I w)/2      (k + I w)/2         (k + I w)/2
         E            k + E            m + -I E            w
Out[2]= ---------------------------------------------------
                               k    I w
                              E  - E

I don't know whether this is what K.R. Slavin wants, but at least
the "2" and "x" are gone.


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