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Netlib Mathematical Software Distribution System

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I picked this up and thought that it might be of interest for those not aware of it...


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To: resource-guide: ;
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Subject: Section 3-4 (Text)
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 90 10:39:23 -0400
From: jdineen at NNSC.NSF.NET

          Netlib Mathematical Software Distribution System

    Address: None
    E-mail: netlib at
    Phone: None


    Netlib is a system for distribution of mathematical software
    by  electronic  mail.  To get information about Netlib, mail
    the following one-line message to netlib at

             send index

    For background about Netlib, see Jack J. Dongarra  and  Eric
    Grosse,  ``Distribution  of  Mathematical Software Via Elec-
    tronic Mail,'' CACM (1987) Vol. 30, pp. 403-407.

    The Netlib library includes the following  software  collec-
    tions (for details on each, see the index message).

    a - approximation algorithms (almost empty, but soon to grow)
    alliant - set of programs collected from Alliant users
    apollo - set of programs collected from Apollo users
    benchmark - various benchmark programs and a summary of timings
    bihar - Bjorstad's biharmonic solver
    bmp - Brent's multiple precision package
    cheney-kincaid - programs from the text Numerical Mathematics and Computing.
    conformal - Schwarz-Christoffel codes by Trefethen, Bjorstad & Grosse
    core - machine constants, blas
    domino - communication and scheduling of multiple tasks; Univ. Maryland
    eispack - matrix eigenvalues and vectors
    elefunt - Cody and Waite's tests for elementary functions
    errata - corrections to numerical books
    fishpack - separable elliptic PDEs;  Swarztrauber and Sweet
    fitpack - Cline's splines under tension

    The information in this section is provided  in  accor-
    dance  with the copyright notice appearing at the front
    of this guide.


    June 18, 1990               NNSC        Section 3.4,  Page 1

    fftpack - Swarztrauber's Fourier transforms
    fmm - software from the book by Forsythe, Malcolm, and Moler
    fn - Fullerton's special functions
    gcv - Generalized Cross Validation
    go - ``golden oldies,'' gaussq, zeroin, lowess, ...
    graphics - ray-tracing harwell - MA28 sparse linear system
    hompack - nonlinear equations by homotopy method
    itpack - iterative linear system solution by Young and Kincaid
    lanczos - Cullum and Willoughby's Lanczos programs
    laso - Scott's Lanczos program for eigenvalues of sparse matrices
    linpack - gaussian elimination, QR, SVD by Dongarra, Bunch, Moler, Stewart
    lp - linear programming machines - short descriptions of various computers
    microscope - Alfeld and Harris' system for discontinuity checking
    minpack - nonlinear equations and least squares by More, Garbow, Hillstrom
    misc - everything else
    na-digest - archive of mailings to NA distribution list
    napack - numerical algebra programs
    ode - ordinary differential equations
    odepack - ordinary differential equations from Hindmarsh
    paranoia - Kahan's floating point test
    pchip - hermite cubics Fritsch & Carlson
    pltmg - Bank's multigrid code;  too large for ordinary mail
    polyhedra - Hume's database of geometric solids port - the public subset of
    PORT library
    pppack - subroutines from de Boor's Practical Guide to Splines
    quadpack - univariate quadrature by Piessens, de Donker, Kahaner
    siam - typesetting macros for SIAM journal format
    slatec - machine constants and error handling package from the Slatec
    sparse - a set of c codes for sparse systems of equations
    sparspak - George + Liu, sparse linear algebra core
    specfun - transportable special functions
    toeplitz - linear systems in Toeplitz or circulant form by Garbow
    toms - Collected Algorithms of the ACM
    y12m - sparse linear system (Aarhus)


         June 18, 1990               NNSC        Section 3.4,  Page 2

    Network Access

    Send electronic mail to  netlib at   Although  mes-
    sages  will  be returned by netlibd at, please do
    not mail to that address.
    Additional copies of the server run at:

         netlib at in New Jersey
         netlib at in Oslo, Norway
         netlib at in Australia

    Who Can Use the Catalog

    Anyone can use any of the servers.

    Miscellaneous Information

         Eric Grosse
         AT&T Bell Labs 2T-504
         Murray Hill NJ 07974
         (201) 582-5828

         ehg at

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