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  • To: mathgroup at
  • Subject: the mailing list
  • From: Steve Christensen <stevec at>
  • Date: Sat, 21 Sep 91 22:57:32 CDT

It appears that the Mathematica mailing list
is now working again and I am getting lots of
new mail.  Here are some rules and suggestions
for list use:

1) mail should be sent only to the following

mathgroup at   or
stevec at

If you see some other mathgroup address in the mail you get, DO NOT
USE IT.  If you hit and "r" or and "R" to reply to 
a message, look at the address to make sure that address is one of the above.

2) When you get a message, the original author's email
address appears in your message list, but when you
read the message you will not see that address,  you
will see From: stevec at and
To: mathgroup at  When you reply using
the "r" command you will send only to the originator
of the message.  If you hit "R" you should be sending
to the originator and to the mathgroup address above.

3) the ftp archive is still in Illinois at the address, but now in the directory
UNIX/Symbolic/Mathematica.  I have not had the time
to get it running on yoda yet.

4) When you send a message to the mailing list, I will
be reading it first.  Some previous messages have
occasionally had some negative personal stuff aimed
at others.  I will generally send messages like that
back to the author and suggest they send it directly
or reconsider their "flames".

5) Bugs should also be reported to bugs at  General
pricing and other such information should can be obtained
from info at  Some mailings to the list contain
problems that a user is having that can easily be fixed if
the manual is read.  I will generally not be shipping those
out to the mailing list.

6) I will be "on the road" quite a bit doing consulting work
this fall.  There will be times when messages may not go out
for a week.  Please be patient when this happens.

7) If you are developing some interesting Mathematica application,
let us know about it.

8) It is common practice for list users to collect together
the useful answers they get and summarize them back to the list.
Please do this when you can.

9) Please put your name and email address at the end of
your messages.

Thanks for your patience waiting for the list to start up again.
I hope no gigantic mail problems arise.

My thanks to the systems administrators here at UNC who spent many
hours trying to track down problems.

Constructive comments are welcome.

Steve Christensen

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