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Re: Finite Functions / hash/ fast dispatch

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  • Subject: Re: Finite Functions / hash/ fast dispatch
  • From: fateman at (Richard Fateman)
  • Date: Mon, 30 Sep 91 10:26:12 PDT

There is a function "Hash" and a function "HashTable" in Mathematica
2.0.  The latter seems to be totally undocumented.

There is supposed to be a way of optimizing collections of rules, Dispatch,
(it may however, be a no-op,  in 2.0beta).  But if it
worked, your rules could be in a set

S:={f[x1]->y1, ... f[xn]->yn}  and maybe even have some patterns in

then you  do f[xi] /. S

to do the "fast" lookup.  This may not be fast, in some absolute
sense, but you are, after all, programming in Mathematica.


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