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MathGroup Archive 1992

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Filled Gosper curve

  • To: mathgroup at
  • Subject: Filled Gosper curve
  • From: Michael.Trott at
  • Date: Tue, 1 Dec 1992 16:23:32 +0000

 Hi MathGroup,

 I have a little graphics problem.
 Say you have the coordinates of a hexagonal Gosper curve..
 Displaying it with Show[Graphics[Line[ GosperCurve[i]]]]
 works fine for orders up to 5. (More is very time and memory consuming.)
 Now I would like to "fill" the GosperCurve like in
 on page 38. Up to order three the Following works
 Here FilledGosperCurve is GosperCurve and four outer vertices
 of the "rectangle".
 But order 4 , which has 2405  verices (order 3 has 344)
 gives a very hard crash on my Mac IIfx with Mma 2.1. 
 Now my question. Is there an upper bound for the number of 
 vertices of an 2d- Polygon. Is it caused because the resulting filled area is
 higly branched?
 It seemed to me that the crash is caused by the PostScript interprete, 
works well.

Any ideas how to display the fourth order?

Thanks for an solution

Michael Trott

trott at

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