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honest plotting using Mathematica 2.0 RealIntervals

OK, you can get, by anonymous ftp from
(, stuff about plotting using intervals.  plotinterval.m
realinterval.m and (the latter is a paper, and is

The file realinterval.m shows the kind of patching over that was
needed to make Mathematica work up to some primitive standard.

The file plotinterval.m should show the kinds of gyrations necessary
to change the plot package.

 No warranties on anything. 

 There are other ideas we are pursuing that use divided difference for
much better adaptive plots, but the code is even rougher, and I'm not
willing to send it out yet.  I've also written a 3-D analog of
adaptive plotting of surfaces, that chooses more mesh points near
rapidly changing places, also quite roughly coded. There are far
better programs that Mathematica for doing this particular task, since
the built-in surface display is defined on a rectangular mesh, not
locally subdivisible.

Richard Fateman, UC Berkeley

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