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MathGroup Archive 1992

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Vol 1 No 4 TMJ

  • To: mathgroup at
  • Subject: Vol 1 No 4 TMJ
  • From: "Alan L. Zeichick" <76703.756 at>
  • Date: 22 Jan 92 11:49:07 EST

 >Why was vol 1 issue 4 of the Mathematica Journal labeled "Spring 1991"?
 >This confused a number of us here.  Also, how many disks were there in
 >the Mac electronic supplement?  We only got one, but the stuffit file
 >on the disk was split from a larger archive to fit it onto disks.  Anyone
 >have the same problem?
The fourth issue, Vol. 1 Issue 4, of The Mathematica Journal was dated
"Spring 1991," because the preceeding issue, V1I3, was dated "Winter 1991."
In publishing-land, the seasons of a year usually go Winter (Jan-Mar) -> Spring
(Apr-Jun) -> Summer (Jul-Sep) -> Fall (Oct-Dec). Actually, I believe that
V1I4 came out either late spring or early summer 1991. By that method, the
new issue that you'll all be receiving over the next couple of weeks, Vol. 2
Issue 1, should have been dated "Winter 1992" -- we decided not to put a
date on it, however.
The Macintosh electronic supplement for V1I4 consisted of _two_ disks. Yes,
several people only received half; if that's the case, you should contact
Craig Johnson @ 415-905-2376 and ask him to send out the other disk.
Alan Zeichick
76703.756 at CompuServe.COM

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