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Re: NoteBooks to TeX

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  • Subject: Re: NoteBooks to TeX
  • From: Ross_Moore at (Ross Moore)
  • Date: Tue, 7 Jul 1992 19:01:07 +1000

        Reply to:   RE>NoteBooks to TeX
| We are wondering about the availability of tools/packages that
| take Mathematica notebooks as inputs and
| produce TeX files, allowing additional notes formatted using TeX.

I have been working on something similar to this, called  Mac-Mma-TeX.
It is a set of TeX macros which will read a Mathematica notebook
and typeset it in TeX, using your favourite set of macros; e.g. LaTeX,
Plain, eplain,  texinfo or whatever.

It does NOT produce a TeX translation of the notebook's contents. 
It leaves the notebook untouched, reading it AS IF it were TeX input,
interpreting each cell type in an appropriate manner. This includes placing
PostScript graphics, or PICT graphics on a Macintosh.

If you wish to add your own comments, you can do this in TeX within the
notebook, or from within a ``control-file'', which is a TeX file used to set
up extra macros to handle awkward style changes within the Notebook.

It is at the testing/documentation stage;  i.e.  real soon now  :-)

Ross Moore.

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