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Preforming Curl Operations on 2D Vector Fields in List Format?


	I'm new to Mathematica and am hopeing to benifit form the knowledge of
a more experienced user.  I would like to use Mathematica to perform
curl operations upon a 2D vector field, since I am using real data I
need to be able to do this on a list.  It would be wonderful if some
helpful person could provide my with info on how to do any or all of the

	1) Read a FORTRAN like 2D vector matrix into Mathematica.
	2) Preform a curl operation upon this vector field.
	3) Use the ListPlotVectorField function to display the data.

	I can assume that most or all of these operations are quite simple but
they are not covered in any detail in the reference books I have

	Thanks for your Help,

		Michael Bauer
		mpb4r at faraday.clas.Virginia.EDU

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