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Re: A definite Integral

> Consider the definite integral of: x^3/(Exp[x]-1) from 0 to infinity.
> The value is knownto be Pi^4/15. When trying to evaluate this integral
> in Mathematica, the application quits for no apparent reason. Macsyma
> gives the result: -Pi^4/15 plus terms involving Polylogarithms (with
> an unevaluated limit). I can't get Macsyma to "evaluate" the indicated
> limit.
>  Joel Storch <storch at>

>>I had no problem with this integral in version Mathematica 2.0 for 
>>HP-UX ...

I too had no problem with Mathematica 2.0 for Sun4:

Integrate[x^3/(Exp[x] - 1), {x, 0, Infinity}]

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