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Has someone a Simplify that really simplifies?

Hi mathgroup,

Mathematica very often returns rather complex algebraic results, which
colud be simplified enormously by some simple transformations, 
grouping certain expressions and pulling out out non-numerical factors (like a x+a y +a z +w)->a (x+y+z+w/a). Using Simplify or Simplify //@ usually has only little effects althought some transformations are obvious e.g.

In[1]:= Simplify[a^2+2 a b +b^2]
Out[1]= (a + b)
In[2]:= Simplify[a^2+2 a b +b^2+x]                     (very simple example)
         2            2
Out[2]= a  + 2 a b + b  + x

Has someone a better procedure for simplifying besides applying litteral replacement rules, for example a compilation of general transformation rules (or should one start to compile such a collection).

Heino Falcke, MPIfR Bonn

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