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  • To: mathgroup at
  • Subject: LogLogPlot
  • From: Fasol <fasol at>
  • Date: Wed, 7 Apr 93 09:47:35 JST

Dear Mathgroup:

I have two questions concerning LogLogPlot[]:

(1) is there an update? One problem I found is that the AxesLables/
    FrameLabels sometimes change style, i.e. one axis/frame-edge
    sometimes gets labeled

       -3       -2
     10       10      0.1    1.0   10.0    100.00  

    which is not very beautiful. Also the FrameLabels sometimes
    ^overlap the numbering.

(2) Convert[] does not seem to work inside LogLogPlot[], while it works
    inside Plot[], i.e. Plot[ Convert[outputVoltage[x]/Volt,1],{x,0,1}...]
    works, while LogLogPlot[ Convert[outputVoltage[x]/Volt,a],{x,0,1},...]
    does not work. This may also be similar for other functions.
    Does anybody know of a way to make functions such as Convert[] work
    inside LogLogPlot[]?


Gerhard Fasol
fasol at

Paper (*cross-listing*): cond-mat/9304006
From: kent at (Kent Baekgaard Lauritsen)
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 93 12:58:40 +0200

Statistical Laws and Mechanics of Voronoi Random Lattices, by K. B. Lauritsen,
C. Moukarzel and H. J. Herrmann, 14 pages (figures not included), LaTeX,
We investigate random lattices where the connectivities are
determined by the Voronoi construction, while the location
of the points are the dynamic degrees of freedom.
The Voronoi random lattices with an associated energy are immersed
in a heat bath and investigated using a Monte Carlo simulation algorithm.
In thermodynamic equilibrium we measure coordination number
distributions and test the Aboav-Weaire and Lewis laws.
for e-mail address database, send  To: e-mail at  Subject: help
for european users, the database is duplicated as e-mail at
submitters should include local preprint# at the END at END at END END END
of title/author field, e.g.
Recent Seminal Results, by Author One and Author Two, 3 pages, tex dialect
(optional), EFI-92-41
body of paper

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