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Re: another ContourPlot3D question

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  • Subject: Re: another ContourPlot3D question
  • From: twj
  • Date: Mon, 12 Apr 93 09:21:35 CDT

Gary Gray writes:

>Is it PlotPoints, MaxRecursion, or both that will give me a higher
>plot resolution.  PlotPoints doesn't have an obvious correlation to
>the resolution (or does it?).

In the ContourPlot3D package increasing both of these will give
a higher resolution. The package works by evaluating the function
on a grid and taking each cell and considering if the surface
enters or not.  If recursion is selected then cells which
the surface is known to cross will be further subdivided.
If you set PlotPoints -> {m,n} then the first sampling of the
function will give m points in each dimension and when you
recurse the sampling will be for n points.  The number of divisions
will never exceed MaxRecursion.   Of course the only
way that the surface can be known to enter a cell is if
the surface crosses a vertex.  If it enters and leaves
the same face this will not be detected.

The best way to use them is to be very clear exactly what they
mean and to experiment with different values for your particular

Tom Wickham-Jones

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