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how to disable wrap-around of the printout lines ?

I've just started learning MMA. The last line of the following code
generates a 9-by-9 multiplication table over Z3. I'm using the Windows
version of MMA, the printout of each row wraps around after 5 terms
(which occupies the width of the screen) are printed. Since one can
scroll horizontally when using the notebook interface, is there a way
to tell MMA not to wrap the line around when printing out the rows ?

fx = x^2 +  1
gf = 3
n = Exponent[fx, x]
a = Table[i, {i,0,gf-1}]
b = { }
For[i=0, i<n, i++, b = Append[b, a * x^i]]
c= Flatten[Apply[Outer, Prepend[b, List]], n-1]
d = Apply[Plus, c, 1]
e = Sort[PolynomialMod[d, gf]]
g = Outer[Times, e, e]
{rows, cols} = Dimensions[g]
h = g;
For[i=1, i<=rows, i++,
   For[j=1, j<=cols, j++,
      Part[h,i,j]=PolynomialMod[PolynomialRemainder[Part[h,i,j], fx, x], gf]

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