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EdgeForm in ListSurfacePlot3D and ParametricPlot3D

Michael Woodley asked about how to specify the edge form in ParametricPlot3D
and another person asked the same question for ListSurfacePlot3D.  Both
questions have the same answer.  Simply take the output from either command
and replace Polygon[x] with {EdgeForm[style],Polygon[x]}.  Here is an example
for ListSurfacePlot3D

data = Table[{x,y,Sin[x y]},{x,0,2,.2},{y,0,2,.2}];
plot = ListSurfacePlot3D[data,DisplayFunction->Identity];
newplot = plot /. Polygon[x_] :> {EdgeForm[RGBColor[1,0,0]],Polygon[x]};

It would be very easy for WRI to add this feature as an option for both
commands.  If enough users really wanted it, I'm sure they would do it.

Dennis M. Schneider
Knox College
Galesburg, IL  61401

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