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Re: Variables?

Levent Kitis writes...

>Is the following a bug or is Variables[..] supposed to work this way? 

>In[1]:= p[x_] := 1 + E x + Pi x^2

>In[2]:= Variables[p[x]]

>Out[2]= {E, Pi, x}

No this is not a bug. In expression In[2], p[x] evaluates to 1 + E x + Pi
x^2. Then it returns Variables[1 + E x + Pi x^2], which is {E, Pi, x}. If
you wamted to know the variable inside the head you could define 

(* this attribute HoldAll makes sure that h[x] is not evaluated and *)
(* will match the pattern *)


In[2]:= MyVariables[p[x,y]]

Out[2]= {x,y}

In[3]:= MyVariables[p[x]]

Out[3]= {x}

hope this helps,


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