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MMA for OS/2: Survey

  • To: Mathmatica Mailing List <mathgroup at>
  • Subject: MMA for OS/2: Survey
  • From: Markus Ruppel <m.ruppel at>
  • Date: Fri, 12 Nov 93 16:07:01 GMT

*** If you don't use OS/2 2.X, please ignore this mail ***

On the recent Mathematica Day here in London I've talked to Stephen Wolfram
and WRI's Director of Engineering, Rory Murtagh, about the version of MMA for
OS/2. I was informed that they currently plan to port *only* the MMA kernel
and not the GUI front-end to OS/2. They imagine to use the Windows front-end
under WinOS2 and connect to the ported MMA kernel (native OS/2, 32-bit mode)
via MathLink. But they are open to suggestions on why a native PM front end
would be important/useful/etc. I did forget to ask at that point about a
cmd-line front-end for the OS/2 version.
The main reason I was given is that a GUI front-end is relatively costly (as
compared to the kernel port) and they try to avoid it now because they are
not sure on the future of OS/2.
The kernel port is being worked on, but there are still a few bugs to be
sorted out before it goes into beta.

We agreed that I will put together a prioritized list on why they should
have a native front end for PM. Therefore I would like to collect opinions
on the net to include all possible advantages one has from using a native
PM/WPS-aware front end vs. a Windows front-end.

So please make up your prioritized list on why you want a native PM-front
replies I receive and forward the summary to WRI.

Markus Ruppel

P.S.: I was told that their decision to port to OS/2 was mainly based on the
requests they received via mail and e-mail. So it *does* make a difference  
if you raise your voice !!!

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