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  • Subject: operators
  • From: keiper
  • Date: Sat, 6 Nov 93 12:31:24 -0600

   >Is there a way to take an operator, say the gradient operator in x,y,z 

   >coordinates, and let Mma calculate the same operator in spherical 

   >r,theta,phi coordinates?

Use the package Calculus`VectorAnalysis` .  It defines all of the
classical operators in all 14 of the classical coordinate systems.
See the documentation in the Guide to Standard Mathematica
Packages for further details.

In[1]:= << Calculus`VectorAnalysis`

In[2]:= SetCoordinates[Spherical[r, theta, phi]]

Out[2]= Spherical[r, theta, phi]

In[3]:= Grad[f[r, theta, phi]]

          (1,0,0)                 f       [r, theta, phi]
Out[3]= {f       [r, theta, phi], -----------------------, 


     Csc[theta] f       [r, theta, phi]
>    ----------------------------------}

In[4]:= Grad[r Cos[theta] Sin[phi]^2]

                            2            2
Out[4]= {Cos[theta] Sin[phi] , -(Sin[phi]  Sin[theta]), 


>    2 Cos[phi] Cot[theta] Sin[phi]}

Jerry B. Keiper
keiper at

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