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Plotting 3D Surface Plots

  • To: MathGroup at
  • Subject: Plotting 3D Surface Plots
  • From: twj (Tom Wickham-Jones)
  • Date: Sat, 2 Apr 1994 14:23:32 -0600

I have developed a MathLink delaunay triangulation implementation
and some associated code that solves some simple computational
geometry problems and allows general 3D surface plotting.
It is available through MathSource and is described below.

To have the new version sent to you, send the single-line message:

	Send 0205-041
to the MathSource server at mathsource at

The item is also available through anonymous FTP and Gopher at [IP#] in the Enhancements/DiscreteMath

============  0205-041 information  ============

0205-041: Delaunay Triangulation and 3D Surface Construction Package
          (March 31, 1994)
          Author: Tom Wickham-Jones
          The package ExtendGraphics/Delaunay.m installs a MathLink program
          that contains code to carry out Delaunay triangulations in the
          plane. A number of applications of this functionality are also
          provided.  The package ExtendGraphics/SurfaceGraphics3D.m contains
          code to draw surfaces in three-dimensions from organised and
          random data sets.

          The binary executable "delaunay" must be built for these functions
          to work.  This can be done from the file, with the
          command mcc -o delaunay

          0011:  README description of files and installation notes (March
                 1994; 2 kilobytes)

          0022:  Delaunay.m Mathematica package for Delaunay triangulation
                 (March 1994; 6 kilobytes)

          0033: MathLink C code for basic algorithm (March
                 1994; 22 kilobytes)

          0044:  SurfaceGraphics3D.m Mathematica package to support 3D
                 surface construction (March 1994; 8 kilobytes)

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