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Help in programming

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  • Subject: Help in programming
  • From: Gary Owen Greenwood <gog2f at>
  • Date: Fri, 15 Apr 1994 21:13:25 GMT

In need of advice,

I'm trying to find roots of a matrix valued function d[pi[n]] = 0, where 
pi[n] is a square matrix of unknowns created by the command 
Array[p,{n,n}] and n is a given size. Using FindRoot[Flatten[d[pi[n]]],
{p[1,1],guess[1,1]},...,{p[n,n],guess[n,n]}] works fine if n is 2, but
I need a way to automate the list of variables and first guesses, given
a previously determined list of rules of guesses (call them po). I tried  
Partition[Flatten[Table{pi[n][[i,j]],pi[n]/.po},{i,n},{j,n}] which gave me  
the result {{p[1,1],po[1,1]}, ...., {p[n,n],po[n,n]}} but FindRoot didn't  
like the outer set of curly brackets.

Is this too esoteric? Any ideas? Reply here or gog2f.

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