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Re: ListContourPlot3D ?

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  • Subject: Re: ListContourPlot3D ?
  • From: twj (Tom Wickham-Jones)
  • Date: Tue, 12 Apr 1994 09:55:30 -0500

John Ehrlinger writes.

>I am wondering if anyone has seen or developed a ContourPlot command that
>can plot 3 dimensional lists of data.  I get fantastic results with
>ListContourPlot[plotData, Contours->cons] but the axis are in data point
>units instead of units related to my data.  Does anyone have a solution for

There is a bug in the package that causes the axes to have the
wrong values.   This is very easy to fix directly in the package 

and will be fixed in the next version.   The package is called
ContourPlot3D.m and is found in the Packages/Graphics directory.

The fix is to find the two rules for GetMesh.  The second one reads...

GetMesh[ mesh_, dims_] :=
    If[ Length[ mesh] === 3 && MatrixQ[ mesh, And[ Integer[#],  
        mesh, Transpose[ {{1,1,1}, dims}]]

this should be changed to

GetMesh[ mesh_, dims_] :=
    If[ Length[ mesh] === 3 && MatrixQ[ mesh, NumberQ],
        mesh, Transpose[ {{1,1,1}, dims}]]

the other rule for GetMesh should be left unaltered.

This will cure the problem with axes.   If someone has problems
applying this fix I can mail a fixed package to them.

While on the subject of ListContourPlot3D, does anyone who uses it find
it inconvenient to prepare data on a regular grid?   Would it be useful
to have a three-dimensional triangulation algorithm that would allow
the plotting of contours for some other arrangement of data?

Tom Wickham-Jones

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