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Mathematica World - April

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Mathematica World - Helping You Describe Your World Mathematically


April Announcement


April.  Education Today Sample - Kit Dodson - Education Today is a special issue
of Mathematica World presenting educational implementations of Mathematica from 
around the World.  20 authors illustrate how they are using Mathematica.  This 
month's issue includes three sample Notebooks from contributors to the upcoming 
special issue.  Other Notebooks - Articulated Figures at Play, Floating-Point 
Arithmetic, Kreysig Lab, MathLab, Medical Imaging with InterCall, OzMath Corner,
Telling the Time.  Tutorials - Managing Notebook Styles, Clipboard Conversion, 
Lazy Evaluation, Input and Output, NumericalMath`Microscope`, 
Statistics`DataManipulation`.  Packages -  XTFP0.3, XTFPSetUp, Faces, WireFrame,
Streams.  News - Tip of the Month, Programming Competition, and solutions to 
news and mail group problems.

March.  Object-Oriented Programming - Tim Adam - An introduction and guide to 
implementing object-oriented programming in Mathematica through Classes.m.  Find
out when, where, and how you might use this paradigm in your own work.  Other 
Notebooks - XTFP Graphics Language Update and Parser, Function Optimization, 
Solar Eclipses 1994, OzMATH Corner.  Tutorials - Formatting Textual Output, 
Searching within Notebooks, Lighting and Labelling Graphics3D, To Compile or Not
to Compile?, Package Tutorials (DiscreteMath`ComputationalGeometry`, 
Graphics`ComplexMap`, ).  Packages - Classes, Faces, WireFrame, XTFP0.2, 
XTFPSetUp.  News - Tip of the Month, Programming Competition, Wolfram book 
announcement, and solutions to news and mail group problems.

February.  Mathematica's Programming Language - Roman Maeder - A discussion
of the design decisions taken in implementing the Mathematica language, 
together with  survey of current methods and recently added features.  Other
Notebooks - Spherical Harmonic Rotation, Fire!, Interlocking Pieces, Data 
Patterns, OzMATH Corner.  Tutorials - Customizing Mathematica, Understanding
Evaluation, Modules and Blocks, Inside Graphics and Sound, Graphics3D Packages,
MathLink Fractals.  Packages - Classes, Streams, UniformPolyhedra, XTFP Update,
Arrow, WireFrame. es - Tip of the Month, Programming Competition, New Book
by Roman Maeder, "The Mathematica Programmer" (Introduction, Sample Graphics),
solutions to news and mail group problems, and InterCall Q&A.


For further information contact the Dr Stephen M Hunt (Editor) at:

mathematica at o smh at

Postal Address.  
Mathematica World
Ormond College
University of Melbourne
Parkville  Vic  3052

+613 349 2001

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