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MathGroup Archive 1994

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Unexpected RepeatNull behaviour. BUG?

  • To: mathgroup at
  • Subject: Unexpected RepeatNull behaviour. BUG?
  • From: Peter Whaite <peta at>
  • Date: Fri, 25 Feb 1994 17:12:12 -0500

In...	Mathematica 2.2 for SGI
	Copyright 1988-93 Wolfram Research, Inc.
	 -- Motif graphics initialized -- 

If I define...

	In[253]:= Clear[foo]; foo[l:_Integer...] := {l};

then it works as expected...

	In[254]:= foo[1,2,3]
	Out[254]= {1, 2, 3}

	In[255]:= foo[1]
	Out[255]= {1}

except for...

	In[256]:= foo[]
	Out[256]= foo[]

Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but why does

	In[257]:= Clear[foo]; foo[l:(_Integer|AnyThing)...] := {l};

	In[258]:= foo[1]
	Out[258]= {1}

	In[259]:= foo[]
	Out[259]= {}

work!!?  Please enlighten.

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