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Re: Alternative to Timing[10000!] benchmark

On Fri, 1 Jul 1994, Paul E Howland wrote:

> Instead of the rather dodgy "Timing[10000!]" benchmark for performance,
> the following seems a better way of measuring the elapsed time taken to do a
> calculation (as Timing[] supposedly measures CPU time):
>  In[1]:= start=AbsoluteTime[]; Print[Short[10000!]]; AbsoluteTime[]-start
> For the Windows 387 Version 2.2 running on a Compaq Despro 433i PC, I get the
> result
>  Out[1]= 137
> And on the DEC Alpha OSF/1 Version 2.2 version, running on a DEC 3000 Model
> 400, I get
>  Out[1]= 13.59984

On a NeXT '040 non-turbo using MMA ver 2.2:

In[9]:= start=AbsoluteTime[]; Print[Short[10000!]]; AbsoluteTime[]-start
Out[9]= 164.718613

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