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mktemp revision

  • To: mathgroup at
  • Subject: mktemp revision
  • From: perkins at (Tyler Perkins)
  • Date: Fri, 6 May 1994 12:00:04 -0600

My thanks go to Martin Reinders for discovering a bug in my sh script
"mktemp", which is needed by my script "sci2mma".  I submitted these
scripts to Mathgroup this past January.

Evidently, I assumed that the Unix "date" utility would return the day of
the month as, say, "05" (as it does with the time) instead of " 5".  This
unexpected leading space character caused a space to appear in the midst of
the name returned by mktemp, which is to be used by sci2mma as a filename. 
(Guess I never tested it during the first nine days of the month!)

Below is the corrected version of mktemp.  The only change is in the
assignment "name=...".  Note that the two sed commands (s/...) are
separated by a newline.

        Tyler Perkins                   perkins at

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= cut here =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

#       NAME
#               mktemp - Create a unique filename.
#       SYNOPSIS
#               mktemp [ -c ] [ -d directory_name ] [ -p the_prefix ]
#               The mktemp command makes a name for the pathname of a temporaryp
#               returns the string "/tmp/username.DDHHMMSSP...P" where username
#               is the user's username, DD is the day of the month, HH is the
#               hour of the day (locally), MM is the minute of the hour, SS is
#               the second of the minute, and P...P is the process id of the
#               user's shell.
#       OPTIONS
#       -c
#               Create an empty file whose filename is the generated name.
#       -d directory_name
#               Force directory_name to be used as the directory portion of
#               the pathname.  If this option is absent, /tmp is used by
#               default.
#       -p the_prefix
#               Use string the_prefix as the filename's prefix.  If this option
#               is absent, the user's username is used by default.
#       AUTHOR
#               Tyler Perkins                   perkins at
#               Boulder, CO


while [ "$1" != "" ]
do      case $1 in
        -d)     shift
                dir="`echo $1 | sed 's!\(.*\)/$!\1!'`"
        -p)     shift
        -c)     shift
        *)      echo 'mktemp usage: mktemp [-d directory] [-p prefix] [-c]'
                exit 1

name="$dir/$prfx.`date | sed 's/[^0-9]//g

# If file with name $name already exists, recurse until not.
if [ -f $name  -o  -d $name ]
then    name="`mktemp`"

if $create
then    >$name
else    echo $name

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