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"virtuell lines"

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  • Subject: "virtuell lines"
  • From: matteo at (Matteo Carandini)
  • Date: Mon, 30 May 94 14:35:35 EDT

Dorothee Rebscher wrote:

>A second problem is to make DIAGRAMMS ONE UPON THE OTHER.
>If they have different unities on their x-achses, but the same y-achses and
>i am using GraphicsArray their x-axes are not placed exactly on one
>virtuell line.

and I don't think that by "one upone the other" she meant "superimposed",
but rather "in a vertical array". If so, I have the same problem.
To increase the chances of getting a knowledgeable answer from the group 
(and hopefully from wri), here is an example:

(* a complex function: *)
filter[ omega_ ]:= 10000/(1+I omega)

(* two plots: amplitude and phase *)
amplitude = Plot[ Abs[ filter[ omega ] ], {omega,0,10} ]
phase	  = Plot[ Arg[ filter[ omega ] ], {omega,0,10} ]

(* here I plot them in a vertical array. this is called a Bode plot *)
Show[ GraphicsArray[ { {amplitude}, {phase} } ] ]

Now, since the x-axes are the same, one would like them to be identical.
Then the y-axes would be aligned, i.e. fall on a "virtuell line".

The reason for the misalignement is that mma rescales each plot to 
accomodate the labels, and the labels in the top plot take up more space than
the labels on the bottom plot. This is elegant when single graphs are involved,
but *very* clumsy in a GraphicArray.

Does anybody have a suggestion? 


				Matteo Carandini	
				Center for Neural Science	
				New York University		
				6 Washington Place, #809	
				New York NY 10003	
				(212) 998 7898 (voice)
				(212) 995 4011 (fax)
				matteo at

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