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X Front End for OSF/1 on DEC 3000/400, Mma V2.2.4 (fwd)

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  • Subject: [mg618] X Front End for OSF/1 on DEC 3000/400, Mma V2.2.4 (fwd)
  • From: Paul E Howland <PEHOWLAND at>
  • Date: Thu, 30 Mar 1995 11:53:30 +0200 (IST)


I am running Mathematica V2.2.4 on a DEC 3000/400 with OSF/1 V3.2.  I
have experienced a number of problems, and I would be grateful for your

	1.  The "Magnification" option under "Print..." has no effect;

	2.  How do I print a notebook landscape?  Using "lpr -Olandscape"
	as the print command in "Print..." does not work;

	3.  I have experienced problems with the notebook inserting unwanted
	^X codes into the *.ma file.  This may have occured when I
	converted an existing package into a notebook;

	4.  When editing in a notebook the editor sometimes goes a little
	mad: the cursor jumps to unwanted places, the delete key deletes the
	wrong thing, text gets inserted in the wrong place, etc.

	5.  When invoking Mathematica in terminal mode, by simply typing
	"math", rather than "mathematica", there appear to be problems with
	large postscript plots.  I get an image appearing in a Motif window,
	which, once complete, vanishes, and leaves me with a core dump in
	the current directory.

	6.  The notebook front end is unstable - sometimes when modifying
	options, changing a picture size, etc., it crashes, leaving a
	core dump.

My DEC 3000/400 has 96Mb memory, with the deferred mode of swapping enabled.

Please help!

Paul E Howland

Long Range Ground Radar Systems Section               tel. +44 (0)1684 895767
CSS2 Division, Room BY209                             fax. +44 (0)1684 896315
Defence Research Agency                           email: PEHOWLAND at DRA.HMG.GB
Malvern, Worcs, WR14 3PS, UK.

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