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RE: Bugs with transcendental functions?

My windows version (2.2)  gives the same result to both commands.

>Subject: [mg1772] Bugs with transcendental functions?

I have two similar equations listed below. The 1st one
came out OK, but the 2nd one didn't go anywhere.
The only difference is "p" in the 1st one is replaced
by "a" in the 2nd one.

I'm using mathematica 2.0 on NeXTStep 3.0.  Is it a
bug of the version of MMA I have?

1. Input:=
          Solve[p (-Log[x + a z]+ Log[ w + a z])/qq== y, x]

                 w + a z
{{x -> -(a z) + ---------}}
                 (qq y)/p

2. Input:=
           Solve[a (-Log[x + a z]+ Log[ w + a z])/qq== y, x]

   The equations appear to involve transcendental
     functions of the variables in an essentially
     non-algebraic way.

      a (Log[w + a z] - Log[x + a z])
Solve[------------------------------- == y, x]

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