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Re: X-FrontEnd crashes upon certain keystrokes

Scott Herod wrote:
> ...
> It doesn't seem to matter what the kernal is doing because once the
> frontend crashes, the abort can be reproduced by merely reopening the
> notebook and inserting the carrage return in the appropriate cell.
> The kernal is never started.
> Has anyone else had trouble with the frontend distributed with the
> Sparc or SGI version 2.2.3 of mathematica?
> Scott Herod

I've had many problems on SGI and HP systems running the X front end.
It seems that the X front end is buggy in general and crashes randomly.
I have noticed that cutting and pasting are particularly troublesome
and cause more crashes than other kinds of operations.

It also has some usability problems. For example on the Mac front end,
when you select some text and then press the arrow key the text is
simply deselected.  On the X front end if you have some selected text
and you press one of the arrow keys the selected text is deleted!!

On the other hand I must say that I'm glad there is a front end
available on UNIX workstations.  Many times I take work from the
HP at work to my Mac at home with no problems. Hopefully most of
these bugs I mentioned will be fixed on the next release.

Mario L. Garcia                                 mlg at
The University of Texas at Austin               (512)835-3674

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