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MathGroup Archive 1995

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Singular Matrix error in FindRoot ?

  • Subject: [mg2750] Singular Matrix error in FindRoot ?
  • From: a_kowald at (Axel Kowald)
  • Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 02:00:55 -0500
  • Approved:
  • Distribution: local
  • Newsgroups: wri.mathgroup
  • Organization: Kristallographic Institute FU Berlin


I'm using FindRoot on a fairly complicated function with several parameters and
one variable. For certain parameter values I get the error message:

            LinearSolve::sing: Matrix {{0.}} is singular

FindRoot continues, but never finishes. I think the problem is that some terms of
the function become very! small respectively large, so that there might be an
internal underflow.  However, the really annoying thing is that FindRoot seems to
"hang" after that and never finishes. This is especially bad for me, because I
calculate solutions for many different parameter values in a Table[]. But if
FindRoot hangs I have to interrupt it by hand and never finish the table.

Any ideas are wellcomed.

		Axel Kowald

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