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Re: Help !!!!

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  • Subject: [mg474] Re: [mg459] Help !!!!
  • From: gdelfino at (Gustavo Delfino)
  • Date: Wed, 15 Feb 1995 00:08:28 -0400

>I do some optimization practice using FindMinimum command. The Objective
>function is :
> -k + 0.004*t*(93633.3333333333 + 529.9999999999999*t + t^2) +
>   (0.005000000000000001*(1.566333333333333*10^7*k - 93633.3333333333*k*t -
>        529.9999999999999*k*t^2 - 1.*k*t^3))/(0.75 + 1.*k)
>But I could not get the solution for it. t and k are variables.
>the message I got is :
>FindMinimum::fmlim: The minimum could not be bracketed in 30 iterations.
>The arguement is:  FindMinimum[test3[t,k],{t,50,80},{k,2,5}]

        In the range {t,50,80},{k,2,5} there is no local minimum. The
absolute minimum in this range is 59185.3, at coordinates t=50 and k=2. Of
course, the function goes to infinity when k=-0.75. This can be seen using
the Plot3D command. The commmand FindMinimum works only for local minimums.

hope this will help you

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