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Re: How to force an expression into Rational Function form?

In article <3sg3p4$8cq at> bracken at kevily.ECE.CMU.EDU  
(J Eric Bracken) writes:
> Is there a way to force a univariate expression into the form
> of a rational function (i.e., the ratio of two polynomials)?
> Apart[] almost does the job, but if it's able to factor the 
> denominator polynomial, it does so, which leaves you with the
> SUM of several rational functions.  I want just a single big
> rational function.
> I guess this is just a special case of the problem of clearing all 
> sums of fractions and generating one big fraction; for example,
> 		a/b + c/d = (ad+bc)/bd
> TIA,
> --Eric

In[10]:= Together[a/b+c/d] // InputForm

Out[10]//InputForm= (b*c + a*d)/(b*d)

  Daniel Lichtblau

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