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Bug in Mma 2.2.2 for Windows?

I am just porting notebooks I've written under Mac OS and Unix to Mma for 
Windows and think I've run into a bug in Mma 2.2.2 for Windows:

Trying to use the package PlotField invariably ends in a total system crash
 (  floating point error: invalid ), not only in my own notebooks, but even 
using the examples in PlotFiel.m ( either the second or the third one ).

Is this just limited to the student version ( it works just fine in Mma 2.1 
Win, which usually is much more crash prone ?

If it's just 2.2.2, when will I be able to get an upgrade ( should have been 
out last month, but I havn't seem any reaching Germany yet) ?

Any help would be appreciated

Lars Hohmuth
Sekt Kernspinresonanz
Universitat Ulm

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