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Re: Fourier Question

> I have a question concerning the Mathematica command 'Fourier'
> According to references, Exp[I 2 Pi f0/N x] Should cause a shift of f0,
> but does not.  Below are the commands I used in my trial.
> g=UnitStep[x+5]-UnitStep[x-5];
> b= ;
> f1=Table[N[g*Exp[I x b]],{x,-63,64}];
> f2=Fourier[f1];
> ListPlot[Abs[f2]];

Just one minor problem here: in the phase factor Exp[I 2 Pi f0/N x],
x should be in the range {0, 127}:

b = 0;
f1=Table[N[g*Exp[I (x+63) b]],{x,-63,64}];

shift = 7;
b = shift 2Pi/128;
f1=Table[N[g*Exp[I (x+63) b]],{x,-63,64}];
f2 - RotateRight[f3, shift] // Chop

Eberhard Lange

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