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MathGroup Archive 1995

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Re: Functions, Part 1

  • To: mathgroup at
  • Subject: [mg576] Re: [mg564] Functions, Part 1
  • From: villegas (Robert Villegas)
  • Date: Mon, 20 Mar 1995 03:28:17 -0600


I just thought of another possibility here:

> 	In trying to understand all the differences between
> f[]  and  Function[]  I ran across something which puzzles me.
> Consider the following:

> (1)	f[x_] := x + 1

> (2) 	g = Function[x,f[x]]

> (3)	h = Function[x,Function[y,y+1]]

> Now  g[2]  and  f[2]  output  3  as expected.  But 

> h[2] (indeed, h[garbage]) outputs  Function[y,y+1].  What`s going on?

Since you said you're comparing f and Function, maybe (2) and (3) are
supposed to use f and Function[y, y + 1] in exactly the same way, with
an argument x?  If so, then maybe this will do what you want it to:

In[17]:= Function[x, Function[y, y + 1][x] ][3]

Out[17]= 4

This might be off base, but it's a possibility...


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