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MathGroup Archive 1995

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Using NDSolve in NonlinearFit

  • To: mathgroup at (mathgroup)
  • Subject: [mg1126] Using NDSolve in NonlinearFit
  • From: onm010 at (Dr. Stefan P. Mueller)
  • Date: Mon, 15 May 1995 03:01:53 -0400

I need to fit a nonlinear model, which is described by a set of
differential equations, to experimental data and I am having trouble to
use NDSolve within NonlinearFit. A most trivial example would be something
like this:

NonlinearFit[data,y[t] /.Flatten[  
      t,{cc,0,1}, ShowProgress->True]

I have been tinkering with Hold and Unevaluated but it seems that I can't
get NDSolve to evaluate during the evaluations within NonlinearFit. I
suspect this to be quite a prevalent type of problem. Does anybody have a

Thank you very much!


Dr. Stefan P. Mueller, Nuklearmedizin, Universitaetsklinikum, D-45122 Essen,
FR Germany, e-mail: onm010 at, FAX: <49> (201) 723-5964

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