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Re: ListPlot[<list>, PlotJoined->True], but _with_ symbols?

A. E. Siegman <siegman at>
In [mg2484] ListPlot[<list>, PlotJoined->True], but _with_ symbols?

Wishes to use ListPlot with the plot joined and with symbols.

You could use Show to combine a plot with plot joined and one  
without(to show the symbols. Or you might use Epilog to add the  

Here is a way that uses Graphics`MultipleListPlt`

   MultipleListPlot[lst1,lst2, PlotJoined -> True,
      DotShapes ->{Circle[#,.2]&, {PointSize[.02], Point[#]}&}

The circles in Ex1 are squashed: a way of approximately correcting  
this is shownn in Ex2., below (which can easilly be programmed into  
a single function).

   mlp =
      MultipleListPlot[lst1,lst2, PlotJoined -> True,
         DotShapes ->{Circle[#,.2]&, {PointSize[.02],Point[#]}&},
         DisplayFunction -> Identity,
   {{{x1,x2}, {y1,y2}}, ar} =
   cf = (y2-y1)/(x2-x1) /ar;
   MultipleListPlot[lst1,lst2, PlotJoined -> True,
      DotShapes ->{Circle[#,{.2,.2cf}]&, {PointSize[.02],Point[#]}&},
      DisplayFunction -> $DisplayFunction

Explanation of use of DotShapes ->..
Look what happens to ds1 and ds2 in the following: they are used as  
a functions and receive the values from the lists lst1 and lst2  
respectively: we can make use of this by choosing appropriate ds1  
and ds2 (or, as above, a single ds).

      DotShapes -> {ds1,ds2}

Graphics[{{ds1[{0, 1}], ds1[{1, 2}], ds1[{2, -1}], Point[{0, 1}],
    Point[{1, 2}], Point[{2, -1}]},
   {ds2[{0, 0}], ds2[{1.5, 2.5}], ds2[{2, 1}], Point[{0, 0}],
    Point[{1.5, 2.5}], Point[{2, 1}]}}, {Axes -> Automatic}]

Allan Hayes
hay at


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>From: siegman at (A. E. Siegman)
>To: mathgroup at
>Subject: [mg2484] ListPlot[<list>, PlotJoined->True], but _with_ symbols?
>Organization: Stanford University

Guidance appreciated on how to make ListPlots having both points (e.g.,
large dots, or circles) and lines joining them as per PlotJoined->True.

     --siegman at

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