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Re: help

On Thu, 16 Nov 1995, James D. Wetter wrote:

> To anyone,
>    I cannot seem to plot this function.
>    Use ParametricPlot to plot the graph 
>       f(t) = tcost i + tsint j 
>      for 0 is less than or equal t and greater than or equal to 
> 4Pi Set the AspectRatio option to Automatic.
>    If if you know the solution please send it to me.  It will 
> be helpful.  If you don't know the solution could you send me 
> and address of someone who might khow the soultion.
>     Thanks
>          James 
>         email gt0477b at

Try this

ParametricPlot[{t Cos[t],t Sin[t]},{t,0,4 Pi},AspectRatio->Automatic];

Keith S. Mersman
Mathematica Consultant 
University of Missouri-Columbia

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