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Zorro <berriz at> wrote:

>Hi.  I'm trying to produce an animation of a 3-D object to simulate
>the smooth rotation of the object about the vertical axis.  I came up

>  Table[Show[3DObject, Boxed -> False,
>  ViewPoint->{ 2 Cos[n 2 Pi/60], 2 Sin[n 2 Pi/60],2 }],
>  {n, 0, 60}];

>This *almost* worked.  The only problem is that Mathematica doesn't
>keep the size of 3DObject constant (wrt to the rest of the window)
>from one frame to the next, so the image zooms in and out as it
>rotates (a semi-cool effect, in face, but not exactly what I had in
>mind).  How can I get Mathematica to keep the image size constant wrt
>the window from one frame to the next?

How about "PlotRange -> {...}" inside Show?


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