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Re: Best Windows for Mma 2.2.2????

The following was obtained with a Micron Pentium 120 , 16 Mb, running 
Windows 95. Refer to the letter on BenchMarks in this group to properly
place them in relation to other platforms. I think  Win 95
significantly decreases the speed of MMA 2.2.3

9.362 Second

13.934 Second

12.649 Second

23.17 Second

f[x_]:= 4x-4x^2;
Timing[ Nest[f,0.6,5000]][[1]]

8.501 Second

f[x_]:= BesselJ[0,x];
18.529 Second

kdv[q_]:=  D[q,t]  - 1/4  D[q,{x,3}] -3/2 q D[q,x]
q3:= (-5*E^((11*t)/8) - 45*E^(2*x) - 18*E^((11*t)/16 + x) +
     162*E^((3*t)/2 + 2*x) - 188*E^((13*t)/16 + 3*x) +
     162*E^(t/8 + 4*x) - 45*E^((13*t)/8 + 4*x) -
     18*E^((15*t)/16 + 5*x) - 5*E^(t/4 + 6*x))/
    (8*(-E^((11*t)/16) + 3*E^x - 3*E^((13*t)/16 + 2*x) +
       E^(t/8 + 3*x))^2)
{59.29 Second, 0}

Before loading Win 95 I used WFW 3.1. Though I can't find the data, my 
recollection is that WFW 3.11 was in line with all of the other 
microprocessors and memory configurations. If you use MMA alot, and need 
speed, Win 95 is not for you.

Since you have Win 3.1 loaded, try the above benchmarks on your machine. 
I would be interested in the resukts

Jerry P. Purswell (purswell at wrote:
: I am still running Mma (ver 2.2.2 enhanced)  under Windows 3.1. Does anyone 
: out there have comparisons of Mma under the different versions of Windows 
: (Win 3.1, WfW 3.1, Win 95) ?

: I've been thinking about upgrading to WfW to get 32 bit file access but I 
: am not sure that this will improve Mma's performance since (I think) Mma 
: already uses the Win32s to get a 32 bit kernal.  (Mma is by far my most 
: demanding app). 

: With regard to Windows 95 - I've heard from someone at WRI that Mma may 
: actually run more slowly under Win 95 since Win 95 requires so much memory. 

: Any advertursome souls out there who have actually tried out Mma with two or 
: more of the Windows versions? 

: Thanks in advance for any feedback - JP

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