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Simplifying vector expressions

Consider the following vectors:

In[2]:= vec1 = { a, b, c }

Out[2]= {a, b, c}

In[3]:= vec2 = (1/x) * vec1

         a  b  c
Out[3]= {-, -, -}
         x  x  x

I am looking for a mechanism I can apply to vec2 to put it in the form:

	(-) { a, b, c }


	{ a, b, c }

This would be the list equivalent of Factor[], as shown by the 
following example:

In[4]:= expr = a/x + b/x + c/x

        a   b   c
Out[4]= - + - + -
        x   x   x

In[5]:= Factor[ expr ]

        a + b + c
Out[5]= ---------

Does this facility (for lists) exist in Mathematica, or in a package I 
can obtain easily?  If not, can you suggest guidelines for implementing
something like this?  Naturally, I'd want access to the full panoply
of algebraic functionality:  Simplify[], Expand[], etc., in addition
to Factor[].


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