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Re: Plotting Piecewise Functions with Discontinuites


Please replace "max"  and  "min"  in the third line of the code  
with  "a"  and  "b"  respectively to get:

PlotNA[f_,{x_,a_,b_},n:(_Integer?Positive):25, opts___?OptionQ] :=
Module[ {graph,ar,graphNA,pairs},
   graph = Plot[f, {x,a,b}, DisplayFunction->Identity,opts];
   ar = Divide@@Reverse[FullOptions[graph,PlotRange].{-1,1}];
   graphNA =
      graph/.Line[lst_] :>
	 (pairs = Partition[lst, 2, 1];
	     p_/;Greater@@(Abs/@(Subtract@@p){n ar,1}):>Line[p]
   Show[graphNA, DisplayFunction -> $DisplayFunction]

Allan Hayes
De Montfort University Leicester
hay at

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