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List of x,y pairs to use with ListPlot

I want to take two lists, one an intended 'x' and the other an intended 'y' 
and combine them into one list so I can use them for and x, y plot with the 
ListPlot function. 
What I am trying to do is create a Dystra-Parsons plot, an oil industry 
standard.  This plot is log(permeability) versus occurance on probability 
paper.  I have the sorted permeability data in a list, then take the log, 
then I need to plot this list versus percent of order number. 

* John K. Dobitz 
* Texaco, EPTD 
* P.O. Box 770070 
* Houston, TX  77215-0070 
* Voice: (713) 954-6080 
* dobitz at 


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