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MathGroup Archive 1996

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A way to fix coloring

  • Subject: [mg3201] A way to fix coloring
  • From: reinsch at (Matthias Reinsch)
  • Date: 18 Feb 1996 03:56:13 -0600
  • Approved:
  • Distribution: local
  • Newsgroups: wri.mathgroup
  • Organization: Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Berkeley CA
  • Sender: daemon at

are colored incorrectly (see ProblemPlot below).  Enclosed in this message
is FastFixColoring, a solution to this problem.  I have already notified
WRI about this, and they suggested I provide this information to other
sites so that users who need correctly colored plots can generate them. 

        An example of a plot in which the coloring has errors:

f = N @ ComplexExpand @ Expand[SphericalHarmonicY[6, 3, th, ph] -
                               SphericalHarmonicY[6,-3, th, ph] ]

ProblemPlot = ParametricPlot3D[ (1+.2 f Sin[6/11 Pi]) *
        {Sin[th] Cos[ph],Sin[th] Sin[ph],Cos[th]}, {th,0,Pi},{ph,0,2 Pi}]

        The corrected plot:

FastFixColoring[gr3D_] := (viewpt = ViewPoint /. gr3D[[2]];
        Graphics3D[ Flatten @ Map[ (p4 = #[[1]];
        p42=Drop[p4,{2}]; p44=Drop[p4,{4}]; m={viewpt,p4[[1]],p4[[1]]};
        If[ Det[m-p44] Det[m-p42] < 0, {Polygon @ p44, Polygon @ p42}, {#}])&,
        gr3D[[1]] ], gr3D[[2]] ] )

Show @ FastFixColoring @ ProblemPlot

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