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  Hi to all,
 forgive, please, my unbelivable English.

 I have one question, how is possible to set the
 AxesLabel command for the ListContourPlot?

 When I set it, I just happen nothing.
 The comman line is the following:

                PlotRange ->{funmin, funmax},
                 MeshRange ->{{xmin, xmax}, {ymin,ymax}},

                 Contours  -> 10 ,
                 AxesLabel ->{"Internuclear distance","Z"},
                 ColorFunction -> (GrayLevel[0.5 +/2]&)

   Any advice?
 Thank you very much in advance,


|    Lorenzo Pesce, Freie Universitaet Berlin, 
|    Institut fuer Theoretische und Physikalische Chemie
|    |Takustrasse 3 | D-14195 Berlin   
|    e-mail = fish at


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