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Running Math2.2.3 on WIN 95 and WFW3.11 Clients in a Network

We have installed Mathematica 2.2.3 on a Netware-Server. WFW3.11 or 
Win95 is installed on the local computer. We got Mathematica running 
with Win95 using all hints of
To speed it up under Win95 we use the solution with "Procup.m", but we 
can not put Procup.m in init.m because of our WFW3.11 users.

Is it possible to make user- or PC-dependend init.m?

Thank you for any help (please e-mail it).

Dr. Dieter Baurecht, Inst. f. Physikalische Chemie
A-1091 Wien - Austria, Althanstr. 14
mailto:Dieter.Baurecht at


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